This page contains a list of recent updates made to the Codio platform. We update Codio regularly, so this page should provide information to help you.

We do not report small bug fixes or issues that affect individual users, who we will notify directly.

[I] = Update or improvement
[F] = New feature

November 2017

  • [I] [15th]: Fix issue when changing stack for ad-hoc projects in a class
  • [I] [15th]: Update guides collapse button handling when layout set to 1 panel
  • [I] [14th]: Fix handling of book based units opening for students
  • [I] [14th]: Block deletion of a course that contains modules
  • [I] [14th]: Improve warnings when deleting units and modules
  • [I] [13th]: Fix issue publishing units in IE browser
  • [I] [13th]: Fix icon for Advanced Code Tests
  • [I] [13th]: Fix handling for teachers opening students project assessments
  • [I] [09th]: Fix TOC scrolling issue in guides for Firefox and IE browsers
  • [I] [07th]: Improve Mark as Completed process to provide warning of assessments in the unit not completed
  • [I] [07th]: Update teacher dashboard for grading, allowing teachers to filter to find students and by status of unit. See Grading project work for more information
  • [I] [03rd]: Fix terminal light theme to show cursor
  • [I] [03rd]: Fix problem where teachers are not always able to view content of 3 blue dot menu in the students listing
  • [I] [03rd]: Update Codemirror components and fix soft tabs
  • [I] [02nd]: Fix problem when Guides TOC opened and closed to cause terminal to resize incorrectly

October 2017

  • [I] [26th]: Update message handling for change stack for units in a course
  • [I] [25th]: Improve stack creation from the IDE
  • [I] [24th]: Update unit action to also update codio files (e.g .codio, .settings)
  • [I] [18th]: Update saving of draft free text assessments
  • [I] [16th]: Fix problem for students answering assessments
  • [I] [16th]: Fix problem with custom assessment grades not being passed correctly
  • [I] [13th]: Improve grading for Free text assessments supporting comment field and easy navigation to other students and other assessments for the currently selected student
  • [I] [12th]: Update handling of symbols in free text assessment previewing
  • [I] [12th]: Improve class navigation for teachers, click units tab to return to main unit listing
  • [F] [11th]: Unify guides/books table of contents
  • [I] [11th]: Fix issue with creating projects importing from zip file
  • [I] [10th]: Fix problem with books upgrade to class
  • [I] [10th]: Improve handling of size of free text assessment field for student
  • [I] [09th]: Show points assigned for free text assessments to students within the unit when grades released
  • [F] [06th]: Add user preference editor setting to show a vertical ruler in files. [ruler]=xx
  • [I] [06th]: Improve handling of unit ordering when adding or updating a course in a class to match the order set in the course
  • [I] [06th]: Add courses overview video
  • [I] [06th]: Add ownership and visibility of courses video
  • [I] [06th]: Add working with stacks in courses video
  • [I] [06th]: Add account settings overview video
  • [I] [06th]: Add dashboard overview video
  • [I] [05th]: Improve warnings for unsaved changes when authoring guides
  • [I] [05th]: Ignore .git and .hg files in search and replace actions
  • [I] [04th]: Improve handling of students ability to amend answer submissions during completion of a unit
  • [I] [04th]: Fix problem so students can not create courses,modules and units
  • [I] [04th]: Improve grading free text to show confirmation message when applying
  • [I] [04th]: Improve stack handling when publishing units
  • [I] [04th]: Improve upgrade course process
  • [F] [02nd]: Release of books
  • [I] [02nd]: Allow LMS students to access already started units from Codio dashboard
  • [I] [02nd]: Redirect LMS users back to their LMS when marking unit as complete

September 2017

  • [I] [29th]: Update Recommended Course content to resolve reported issues in assessments
  • [I] [29th]: Update messaging if cookies not allowed.
  • [I] [28th]: Reorganization of documentation structure.
  • [F] [27th]: Changes to terms of use
  • [I] [22nd]: Improve handling for publishing new stack versions
  • [I] [21st]: Improve handling of student output in standard code assessment
  • [I] [21st]: Improve handling of students starting units while new stack version is being updated
  • [I] [21st]: Update the handling of student data when removing modules from classes
  • [F] [19th]: Update documentation to advise on cookie requirements
  • [I] [18th]: Fix students seeing grading stats before grades are released
  • [I] [18th]: Fix Teacher Invitation list in classes showing test students
  • [I] [15th]: Update handling of Upgrade course for IE11 browser
  • [I] [14th]: Improve teacher dashboard view to show date students completed units and answers submitted
  • [I] [14th]: Improve handling for accessing binary files
  • [I] [12th]: Allow teachers to grade draft answers
  • [I] [12th]: Improve create stack from current project process
  • [I] [12th]: Improve the updating of manual grading actions for teachers
  • [I] [11th]: Improve message handling if student working with stack unit they do not have access to.
  • [I] [11th]: Refactor Guides buttons changing Settings to smaller gear icon
  • [I] [08th]: Remove version entry field from stack version and just auto-increment
  • [F] [08th]: Added preview type for free text assessment
  • [I] [07th]: Update teacher dashboard for free text assessment grading.
  • [I] [07th]: Add confirmation step when unit is marked as complete by students.
  • [F] [02nd]: Add student IP consent.
  • [I] [01st]: Improvement to publishing units allowing for simpler handling of stack changes.
  • [F] [01st]: Upgrade course. If any updates to the course(s) used in your class are detected, you can upgrade the content to the latest version within the class. Update unit option removed from courses in a class.

August 2017

  • [F] [30th]: Support pug for syntax highlighting (mapping to jade).
  • [I] [25th]: Review field ordering for assessments.
  • [I] [25th]: Change public/private settings to private by default.
  • [F] [23rd]: Add go to line hotkey (default Alt+G).
  • [I] [17th]: Invite teachers into a class with email invitation.
  • [I] [16th]: Update guide icons and add new callout blocks.

We implemented the changelog page in August, 2017 so this is as far back as we go.